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INT-9691 STM-1 Multiplexer / Demultiplexer
Ideal for High Capacity Cellular Backhaul Applications

The INT-9691 is a T1/E1 <-> STM-1 multiplexer / demultiplexer in a single 1U rack-mountable unit. Selection of T1 or E1 operation is a factory installed option. The multiplexer combines either 84 T1 or 63 E1 inputs into a single STM-1 primary rate OC-3 optical signal (155.52 mbps). The demultiplexer performs the reverse, accepting a STM-1 optical input and extracting either 84 T1 or 63 E1 outputs. The cooling air inlet is on the left side of the chassis and the exhaust fan is on the right side. Units may rack mounted with no wasteful intervening ventilation gaps permitting the maximum rack space utilization possible.

The T1/E1 inputs may be configured to operate in “monitor mode”. In this mode the user may connect to existing T1/E1 point-to-point interconnections without interfering with the signal, and monitor the signal without degrading it. In monitor mode the INT-9691 provides 20 dB of isolation from the existing T1/E1 signal, and then provides 20 dB or more of linear amplification in its input line interface receivers to restore it prior to processing. This permits the user to implement a pair of units in a "Dual Redundant" configuration for the ultimate in reliability. The first unit is configured in "monitor mode" to avoid disrupting the signal. The second unit is configured in normal "line termination" mode. Also refered to as "fly-by" termination and redundancy this configuration eliminates as a single point failure either of the dual redundant units.

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